To the Top from Nowhere

To the Top from Nowhere

ISBN 9780958490788
To the Top from Nowhere is the story of how Sibusiso Vilane grew from humble beginnings into a world-class climber and adventurer. To date he’s summitted Mount Everest (twice), completed a self-supported walk to the South Pole with his friend and Team Extreme colleague, Alex Harris, and has joined the select group of mountaineers who are members of the Seven Summits club (having climbed the highest peaks on all seven continents).

This book is about Sibu’s early years, the people who helped change the course of his life and career, his remarkable physical and mental capacity to beat the odds and, of course, his event-filled climbs to the top of the world's highest mountain. For more information about Sibusiso, please
  • Title: To the Top from Nowhere
  • Author: Sibusiso Vilane with Gail Jennings
  • ISBN: 10: 0-9584907-8-3 13: 978-0-958490-78-8
  • Book specifications: Soft cover; A5; 128 pages
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Customer Reviews

what an inspirational book,i love love love it

Please let me know when Sibu's next book will be available in bookstores. I just read 'To the top from nowhere' which I bought for my husband. It was a great read. Gerda

What an amazing book. I have decided I want to do Mt Kilimanjaro next year. What an inspirational read and what an amazing guy you are. You make me proud to be African! Good luck with your ascent of Mt Denali/McKinley next month, and please write another book!!! I promise to buy it! Linda

It was a great pleasure and honour to meet you at the launch of your book last night. I have just finished reading it and could not put it down. Needless to say I was late at work this morning and cancelled a few engagements in the afternoon as I was grabbing every possible moment to read (if I lose my job you are responsible Sibu!). I really thank God for people like you, people who do what we think is the impossible and still retain the humility that you so splendidly displayed yesterday. A verse that has stayed with me is on page 67 “It’s not your background or your race, not even your social standing that wins in a challenge. It’s your determination, perseverance and courage to face the almost impossible with the greatest of self-belief”. What a profound statement! This will be propelling me as I climb Kili on the 13th of September and in all my endeavors. As for your wife Nomsa I take my hat off to her. I’ not sure if I would have been that patient. She is a woman of integrity. She showed true love and commitment to your marriage. May God bless you and your family ABUNDANTLY. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best for Denali in June. You were not meant to summit it in 2007. This time around is your moment. Good luck and may God protect you all the way. You and your family will be in my prayers. Blondie M

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